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Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Jenny, I am a 21 year old University student in the England. You can follow my personal blogbabysakura

Q: Are you Japanese?
A: I am 1/2 Thai + 1/2 English and living in the UK, so no ^.^

Q: Where do you find your images?
A: Ameba and Crooz blogs, Magazine scans, and general web searching. If you want to know where i got a specific picture from, please ask me (with a link to the picture) and i will tell you the source :)

Q: How do you get your tumblr in Japanese?
A: Click Customize, Advanced, Language-> 日本語 (Japanese) simple ^^

Q: How do you edit the images?
A: I use Photoshop CS4, I play with many aspects like Curves, Color balance, Levels etc it is all a matter of playing around :) I also use Topaz Labs

Q: Can you make a tutorial for editing?
A: I don’t really have time >.< maybe in the future this is something i would definately like to do :)

Q: Can you follow me back?
A: I will not follow for the sake of getting followers or helping someone else get followes, that is not what tumblr is about for me. I will certainly check out your blog and if i like it i will follow for sure ^^

  • Also, I can’t follow on this blog since it is a secondary blog!! My main blog is babysakura.

Q: Which font do you use for your watermark?
A: Its PF Tempesta Seven Compressed. Download here

Q: Who is this gyaru? / Where can I find her blog?
A: Click here to find a list of Gyaru models and their blogs. 

  • If you can’t find the Gyaru you want then please do ask me :)